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#Schoolchoice TweetUP

National School Choice Week is quickly approaching and we encourage everyone to participate in our yearly #schoolchoice Tweetup! The goal of the Tweetup is to bring positive national attention to all K-12 educational opportunities and to spread the word about school choices to families in America.


How to participate?

Participating in our #schoolchoice Tweetup is easy! Anyone can participate by joining the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #schoolchoice on Jan 27 at 2 PM Eastern.

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The #schoolchoice Tweetup is an opportunity to have a conversation about why every child deserves an excellent education! Your contributions to Tweetup can be as unique as you are, but here are some ideas to help:

  • Commend a school or teachers

    who are helping students learn.

  • Why did you select your #schoolchoice?

    Tell us why you selected your #schoolchoice and what makes it a great fit.

  • Share your #schoolchoice success story

    Tell your journey to finding the ideal educational fit for your children

  • Encourage families to find the right educational environment.

    Many people aren’t sure where to start, so share your tips or information from our website.

  • Encourage families to visit your school

    Your school might be the perfect educational fit a family has been looking for, let them know why

  • Invite people to attend your National School Choice Week event

    Use our TweetUp as your platform to promote your event

 Whatever you tweet, make sure to use #schoolchoice

Complement your tweet with some graphics.

Show your support National School Choice Week and #schoolchoice

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